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Title: Ms9/21/2016 12:09:11 AM
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Title: 2020/2/4 17:43:52
Last time we ordered, the sweet and sour chunks of hard breading. Called and you say to bring the receipt. Driver doesn't give you a receipt. Ordered Gen Taos chicken this time. Med. spice. It was sweet. Had this other places, this looked nothing like it. Closer to sweet and sour chicken. Wasn't hard this time. It was soggy. Some pieces was just breading. Had about 6 pieces. The broccoli had black mold on almost all pieces. Was suppose to get an egg roll. didn't. I have told others you have pretty good food. Last 2 times. Not. I paid $27.00 for a pint of rice. THAT, was ok. tried being a patron for the last few years but I know how to make rice and a whole bag doesn't cost $27.00. Thx. Paul Long.

Title: 2019/6/28 13:17:34
With a group of bikers today. Your buffet looked (and smelled) amazing, but they decreed it was too early to eat, so we biked on. I was disappointed!

Title: 2019/5/23 18:32:11
I will like a QT of shrimp fried rice and 10 jumbo shrimp with a lot of sauce. The address is 3546 Fremont N and my phone number is 612 358-9981

Title: 2019/5/10 6:55:53
Do you offer any type of catering for about 15 people? Any ideas of what you would provide? Cost?

Title: 2019/12/2 22:10:50
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Title: 2019/11/2 14:24:47
This is a neighborhood Chinese with fair to middling food. Delivery is OK This is NOT meant to be an authentic "Chinese Cuisine" experience. It is what it is. A small, family run Chinese restaurant. They do Okay.

Title: 2019/10/5 19:07:08

Title: 2019/10/13 15:17:06
Been trying to call for an hour now and no one will answer. Says open till 10 pm, guess they don't want our money

Title: 2018/9/23 11:14:59
Just spoke to Jen or Jean to place a large order for a Minneapolis Public school meeting, was told they do not except credit cards, they can deliver, but only take cash. Very disappointed, I use to order from this restaurant weekly about seven years ago. At that time everyone I spoke with was kind, helpful and the food was hot and fresh and most importantly delicious. The manager was rude yelling into my phone, I keep asking her if she could hear me, finally she said yes. Needless to say I decided to place my large over a hundred dollar order else where:(.

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